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Winner of the American Prize for Theater Composition

Congratulations to Night of the Livind Dead's composer Todd Goodman, for  being named the recipient of the 2014 American Prize for Theater Composition. One of the judges said of Living Dead, "...audacious, scary—but always dead serious..."

The American Prize


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OCTOBER 30, 2015

'Night of the Living Dead' opera arrives in time for Halloween

By Bob Podurgiel, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Todd Goodman had a chance meeting six years ago with Bill Hinzman, who portrayed the first zombie seen in the 1968 horror movie classic, “Night of the Living Dead.”

Mr. Hinzman thought it would be a good idea to turn “Night of the Living Dead” into a musical.   Read More from the Pittsburgh-Post >

OCTOBER 28, 2015

‘Night of the Living Dead’ given new life through opera

By The Review

MIDLAND- Lincoln Park presents "Night of the Living Dead, The Opera" 7:30 p.m. Friday-Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday. Composed by Lincoln Park's Artistic Education director, Todd Goodman of Midland, with libretto by Lincoln Park's founding managing director, Stephen Catanzarite of Brighton Township, this full-length opera - inspired by George Romero's Pittsburgh-based cult-classic - is sure to delight opera lovers and zombie fans.  Read More from The Review>



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