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Stephen Catanzarite

STEPHEN CATANZARITE as one of the founders of the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center, Stephen Catanzarite served as Managing Director from 2004 to 2012. In that role, he helped lead the creation and launch of the Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School, including overseeing the development of its arts curriculum and serving as the school’s first Dean of Arts. He is also a founder of Baden Academy Charter School, where he served as CEO from 2012 to 2014. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Stephen holds a Masters of Science in Education from Franciscan University. He currently serves as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Lincoln Learning Solutions. His first book, Achtung Baby: Meditations on Love in the Shadow of the Fall, was published worldwide by Bloomsbury in 2007. He is presently at work on a follow up to that book, and on an opera about the fall of the Berlin Wall. His favorite artistic project at Lincoln Park was 2009’s Ballet du Bond, a production that led to the creation of Night of the Living Dead, the Opera. Stephen would like to dedicate this opera to the late Bill “Zombie #1” Hinzman.

Photo by Stephen Catanzarite

View Stephen Catanzarite's book,

U2's Achtung Baby: Meditations on Love in the Shadow of the Fall

published by 33 1/3

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